It's About Me Monday!

November 09, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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Understand the Price of Distraction

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Juggling Kids, Exercise, Older Parents, Pets? 
Join us to hear how successful women Navigate commitments, responsibilities and the "balance" that keeps them sane


Advertising and Media leaders share their tricks and tips on prioritizing the must do's, should do's and can do's for long-term happiness and good health. How do you manage everything you need to do for everyone else and still have time and energy for the things you want to do and the things you love?


Register Today and Understand the Price of Distraction and how to prioritize who/what get’s attention, what to give/pass on and how to manage the urgent. Establish your boundaries and train your team (at home and work) to respect your commitments and priorities. Establish guidelines for being fully present and shutting off.


6:00 - 6:15pm Networking Breakout Rooms with Speakers and AWM Members
6:15 - 7:00pm Women In Media Panel 
7:00 - 7:30 Your Questions & Answers and Panel/Member Networking


Career Coach, Roseanne Amoils, Founder, What's Next Club leads the discussion and shares her expertise on career planning, leadership development and the ongoing struggle to feel "balanced" between your work and home life.
Jeannette Trout, SVP HR Lead at Publicis Health Media
Lauren Lawhon, Chief Operating Officer, Health Union
Cyd Falkson, CMO Podcast Notes & Client Service Director, MediaSense


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Speaker BIographies

Roseanne Amoils is a career coach and life transition strategist since 2005. Prior, Roseanne worked in media and advertising at Hearst Corporation (House Beautiful and Redbook magazines) and Meredith in media sales as well as McCann Erickson and Ted Bates in account management.
She currently shares her knowledge of work readiness and the job search process helping patrons at the Yonkers Riverfront library since 2013.

The Alliance for Women in Media NYC Affiliate kicked off the fall season with a dynamic panel led by board member Jan Weinstein. A team of seasoned media professionals shared fun stories from their career path and the advice they would have given their younger selves.  Panelists included Jill Albert, CEO & Founder, Direct Results, Linda Ong, Chief Culture Officer, Civic Entertainment Group and Pfizer's Risa Wexler, VP Marketing Lab.

One of the most interesting tips was "work for someone you respect."  The conversation that followed was about roles and peoples that bring out the best in you. The panel encouraged the audience to pursue what makes them happy and to not be too nervous about moving to positions that challenge them and take them outside their comfort zone.  There was plenty of talk around "trust your instincts" and that seems to be one of few regrets our media leaders shared. Looking back, they realized following instincts would have caused a little less pain. While not directly related to instincts, the panel encourages AWM members and guests to pursue roles and assignments that "scare you" as you can't grow by staying in your comfort zone.

And a popular comment "don't apologize" got a lot of discussion (and apologizes for apologizing.) Make your decisions and own them. "If you don't establish your own boundaries, others will establish them for you." Respect your boundaries and others will as well.  There was a great conversation around establishing a "board of directors" for your career. These informal mentors should be within the industry and beyond. They should have your interests as their priority (when giving feedback and advice.) 

Last, but not least be confident! Ask for what you want. Ask for the meeting, ask for the informational interview, ask for the job!


The Alliance for Women in Media, NYC Affiliate is a professional organization dedicated to women in the field of media in the Greater New York area with an emphasis on peer-to-peer experiences. Through unique events and programming, AWMNYC provides its members the opportunity to make connections both personal and professional who inspire as well as educate. We welcome members that are interested in making authentic connections, sharing their experiences and have a desire to develop themselves professionally.

AWMNYC not only educates, inspires and develops top shelf professionals, but fosters strong business connections and relationships which translate into business opportunities for their employers and their clients. AWMNYC can assist you in your personal and professional development by providing relevant and meaningful relationships and experience for professional women in media.  Join today for the member price of $50 and enjoy discounts to events and invitations to special member only evenings.

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Did you miss the event?  Don't miss the insights

Do you already know everything you need to know about public speaking and presenting?  Is your personal brand clearly apparent on all your social media networks?  Do clients and friends value your stories and the experiences you share?  

It turns out most of us need to brush-up on our communications from time-to-time, or all the time.  Fortunately the “Personal Branding” event featuring Laura Ramadei and Ellie Heyman presented a great array of strategies to not only UP your Business Communication, but any conversations you have.  Laura recently joined UP Business Communications as Vice President, and has a history of communication training in business, government and theatre.  Ellie is UP’s Chief Creative Officer and displayed her theatre director and acting coaching skills in delivering great personal communication advice.

The challenge for most of us is finding a "sticky" way to communicate.  With both personal and professional audiences having minimal time and limited attention, each communication must deliver a value to the audience in the most clear and concise manner possible. See complete recap in Documents under event recap


Past Event:  "Women in Data Science" 

Timely topic? Yes.  Critical discipline? Check. Interesting? Hmmm. After a long day at work, would anyone deliberately choose to spend their evening talking about dataBut… the AWM was created to help support and educate women in the advertising, media and entertainment space so in the end duty prevailed. Women in Data Science it was.

The night of the panel, three things became evident. Wine makes everything better. Because, you know, wine. Do not doubt the instincts of Jane Lacher, President of the AWMNYC, EVP at Zenith, and our panel moderator. Because, you know, Jane. And any misgivings we had about a night of Data were wrong. Because, you know, well that’s the point… you don’t and neither did we.

With a lineup of strong, smart and feisty panelists, including Alysia Borsa: Chief Marketing & Data Officer at Meredith Corporation, Karima Zmerli, Head of Data Sciences, North America at WaveMaker Global, Jeremy Crandall: Senior Vice President, Data Science, at VM-1 (a Zenith Agency) and Hollis Nymark: MS Data Science Candidate at New York University, we maxed out attendance and were still deep in conversation when it was time to wrap up.


Past Event: Women’s Leadership and Taking Risk Discussion

Those of you who attended walked away with some valuable ideas in managing their career.  Please join us in thanking our panelists Kristen Metzger, Ife Babatunde, Jamie Petkanic and Courtenay Harry and our moderator, Karyn Detje. Karyn kicked off the evening with this video featuring Ginni Rometty which really defines how women evaluate opportunities and our own experience. If you missed it, it is a short 3 minute video and worth a look. For the rest of us, it is a great reminder of how we often speak to ourselves. 

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