Audio Advertising - Are you super at sonic?

April 27, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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Event Recap

As digitization pushes Audio to a new inflection point, The Alliance for Women in Media: NYC Affiliate hosted a timely "Audio Advertising - Are You Super at Sonic?" discussion on April 27th with expert producers, market strategists, and brand masters. Jane Lacher, our moderator, posited, “If commerce was the thing to get in front of five years ago, Audio is the next one.” Below are our favorite points from the discussion on the role of Audio from marketing to its potential impact on DEI.

Here are our top insights:

    1. WHY USE AUDIO IN YOUR MARKETING MIX: When building strategy, brands cannot leave audio out. Laura Meighan explained, “It is a strong awareness driver and brand builder.” We also discussed Audio as part of a full funnel strategy. Kate Metzinger talked about using Audio lower down the funnel. Audio spans the consumer journey from awareness, to purchase, with audio services allowing for the ability to measure anything from brand equity lifts to "utterance" of product and brand mentions to shopping lists.
    2. AUDIO HAS HUGE IMPACT ON HUMAN EMOTIONAL RESPONSES: Audio is the most powerful story telling tool and the most intimate. "It lends itself to thinking you are the only person that this person is speaking to…when you knock out every other sense, you have to rely on this one sense so much that it mushrooms in your mind,” Gabrielle Galanek detailed. 
    3. AVG LISTENER USES MULTIPLE SERVICES: On average, most listeners use 4 streaming services to consume the content they want to hear. From Lauren D. Williams, “Brands and advertisers are really starting to take notice that the consumer experience is not linear, so you have to be able to identify and understand every single moment that you have an opportunity to connect with them.” 
    4. AUDIO DATA ANALYSIS IS STRONG TOOL FOR CRM: The story and connection begin after the voice identity is understood. Sonali Bhavsar described voice as, "one of the premium drivers for understanding behavior.” Pitch, tone, speed, accent, sentiment, and other characteristics inform us about individuals. 
    5. THE POWER OF AUDIO DATA IN DEFINING AN AUDIENCE: In cookie-less future, first party data is becoming more and more important to move businesses forward. Capturing audio data will help companies understand employees, consumers and users. Jane Lacher furthered, “We talk about how they look, where do they eat, what are some of their behaviors and habits but we have been leaving out this audio piece of it.” 
    6. AUDIO SOCIAL PLATFORMS  HERE TO STAY?  For hot takes on Clubhouse, the group generally agreed that its chaotic, overwhelming, and the Wild West in regard to credibility, but while some of it is a complete waste of time, some conversations are really compelling. Gabrielle Galanek expressed that “It feels more like it was built by Silicon Valley; it wasn't built by people who are audio experts”. Lauren D. Williams reflected that, “There is something about Clubhouse that gives us that backstage experience. I can see it being super intimate in that way - you get this special ticket to hear this person talk,”
    7. AUDIO AND DEI: As we all work to be a more inclusive society, Audio is inherently inclusive. “If you are a brand and you put out a visual component to the message you are trying to convey and you use someone who looks like me, you might alienate others who do not look like me….but the power of audio is that you are using words, and moods and sounds to bring to life a specific product so that someone who hears it can create their own picture in their mind and envision themselves,” Lauren D. Williams explained. 

Our guest, Steve Keller, added this to the discussion on audio. "As companies look at DEI efforts, we have to remember that race and ethnicity is just something we see with our eyes. It’s something we hear with our ears as well. If we are not careful, our market segmentation can become market segregation, only using certain voices to speak to certain populations. This practice can result in marginalizing voices of color and defaulting to casting white voices for general market communications." To learn more about this topic you can go to: 

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Do You Have A Sonic Identity?

Hint it is not a super power, or is it?

Everyone is listening to something. Streaming music, online radio, podcast platforms, apps, and services are growing fast, with more than three-quarters of U.S. internet users listening. Spend an evening with the experts in audio from Podcasts to Music. Learn about the different platforms and why developing your brand's Sonic Strategy is important to reaching engaged consumers.

Learn why:

  • Having an Audio strategy important 
  • The intimacy of the spoken word is so compelling
  • What was once “experimental” is commonplace 
  • The attention is there for advertising 
  • ClubHouse may (or may not) be best for your brand's message
  • Some brand strategies are working better than others


Moderator – Jane Lacher

Panel To Include Experts from all Audio Advertising Disciplines 

  1. PodCasts: Gabrielle Galanek Strategic Communications Consultant and Producer

  2. Audio Marketing: Lauren D. Williams Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, SiriusXM and Pandora

  3. Client/Brand: Kate Metzinger Senior Director, Integrated Brand Activation, Georgia-Pacific, LLC

  4. Agency: Laura Meighan Senior Vice President, Strategy & Investment, Zenith

  5. Audio Data: Sonali Bhavsar Chief Member, Chief
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