Advice to Our Younger Selves

September 15, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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Not everyone can interview their younger selves. But if you could, would you have a few great tips to avoid obstacles and maybe even take more risks? Our panelists sure do! Join us and hear how three successful women in media navigated their careers to seize opportunities and designed the positions that built their careers.
Join our panel of Media Experts as they talk about their career with moderator
Jan Weinstein, Executive Director at Publicis Health Media.

THank You to our Panelists

Jill Albert, CEO & Founder, Direct Results
Linda Ong, Chief Culture Officer, Civic Entertainment Group
Risa Wexler, self described "Chief Media Nerd", VP Marketing Lab, Pfizer
Without a doubt these leaders have achieved career success by seizing opportunities and taking risks. We hope you enjoyed the stories that drove the success and how they might have handled some situations differently. They offered great take-aways we can all include in our career action plans. Our top ten list:
  1. Work for someone you respect
  2. Trust your instincts and don't be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone
  3. Reflect on the times that you felt happy, validated and fulfilled and seek to replicate
  4. Never say "no" to a meeting, ask to meet those you admire
  5. Establish your own criteria for success, know what (and why) you want to accomplish 
  6. Stay in control: audit yourself and make the best of situations
  7. Don't apologize: set your own boundaries (or others will set them for you)
  8. Continue to learn and show off the skills you have, even if you don't get paid for them
  9. Every problem has a solution
  10. Do what you love
Not surprisingly, the women who were willing to share their experiences and insights with us are all great networkers and love people. They are passionate about networking, specifically personal outreach. Many speak of having a "board of directors" for your career, including mentors inside and outside the business. They encourage those currently out of work to connect with contacts (and contacts of contacts.) Ask for meetings and "informational interviews" and hear stories of career pathing you could emulate.
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