March 2021 Hello

March Edition of the AWM:NYC Newsletter

Good Morning!

Hoping that March will bring us less snow and more sunshine than February did. First and foremost, we hope you will join us for our next event on Tuesday, March 16th. To acknowledge 1 year of remote work and distanced connections, we are hosting a panel to discuss how to optimally and strategically build your network virtually. Without any physical barriers like delayed subway trains or hour long commutes, and with platforms that make it easy like LinkedIn and Club House, the potential is great to make meaningful connections. 

Food for thought until next time:

How to Keep Climbing the ladder While You Work From Home - NYT

Plenty of offices will be empty until well into 2021, so there’s no time like the present to seek feedback from the boss and brush up on your skills.

7 Questions that Rewire Your Brain for Success - Fast Company

You can’t change what you don’t see. The practice of asking yourself these questions will help you uncover your hidden instruction manual and habitual patterns of thinking. 

How Reverse Mentorship Can Help Create Better Leaders  - TED

6 tips to make reverse mentorship work, from executive coach and personal development advocate Patrice Gordon.

All the Best,


Emily Eldredge

President, AWM:NYC Affiliate

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