Powerful Tips & Tricks for Networking

Author: Natasha L. Vega, Media Supervisor at Solve(d), a division of FCB Worldwide

On March 16th The Alliance for Women in Media, New York City Affiliate, hosted a virtual event focused on ways in which individuals could build their network. This event was open to all Alliance members & Alliance allies.

Like other AWM events, this event was led by a powerhouse of women leaders within the Media industry: Jennifer Willey (CEO of Wet Cement & Sr. Director of Business Development at the Trade Desk), Helene DeVries (CEO/Founder of HDV Talent), Stacey Deziel (EVP of Media Planning & Activation at Solve(d) which, is a division of FCB Worldwide), and current AWM Board Member & past President Anne O’Brien (VP of Business Development at Health Union, LLC).

Throughout the virtual event participants were encouraged to ask questions about in-person and virtual networking, tips and tricks for building a network, and ways to address networking fears & faux paus. The great advice shared by our speakers was, as Mastercard would say “priceless” however, there are a few tips & tricks that we would like to share in hopes of helping you during your next networking event.

Tips & Tricks:

  • The Power of Three: make it a goal to meet three new people at an in-person or virtual networking event
  • Networking is a marathon, not a sprint: be sure to establish personal connections with the person/persons you are trying to network with before moving onto your next conversation
  • Offer something: too often people try to network with the goal of receiving something from the person they are connecting with vs. offering something to them. One is far more memorable if they offer something to someone vs. trying to immediately get something from them.
  • Ikiagi: there are many definitions surrounding this concept but for Jenn Willey this concept is really about the four dimensions of life (passion, vocation, profession, and mission) laddering up to the bigger picture of: what you love, what you are good at, what one can get paid to do, and what does the world need? This was a powerful concept for many participants and we encourage you to do some more digging on this concept!
  • Make a date with yourselfschedule a once a week date with yourself and look to write LinkedIn recommendations for someone you believe deserves acknowledgement. This is a great way to do something memorable for someone.


Another important topic of March 16th’s discussion focused on the “what not to do’s” while networking. Personally, I found these recommendations to be so important as networking is all about building powerful connections with people and there is a fine-line between building a connection and creating a division. Here are a few things that our speakers recommended avoiding the next time you network.  

Things to avoid:

  • Over talking: be mindful of the body language being displayed. Does it look like the person you are trying to connect with has become disinterested or uncomfortable? Ideally, make sure to let the people you are talking to circle the room as they too are most-likely there to network as well
  • Rescheduling meetings multiple times: for many of our speakers, multiple cancellations and rescheduling of meeting was a big “no no” due to it feeling disingenuous and disrespectful of their time
  • Do not start networking when you need it: as Helene DeVries explained, the absolute worst time you can start networking is when you need it; try to network more frequently so that you have those connections in-place when the right time comes around
  • Be authentic with what you are doing: Anne O’Brien reminded us all to be true to ourselves during our networking endeavors; falseness can be spotted a mile away
  • Don’t hide your personality: as Jane Lacher put it nicely, don’t hide your personality in the beginning of your discussion as it will come out by the end; always be yourself when meeting new people


It is not uncommon for those of us in the media industry to feel as if we have no time for networking. One event participant described networking as needing a “25th hour”. How can you look to build in time for networking in your busy schedule? Stacey Deziel suggests networking during the weekends! This is a great way to build in that extra time that you do not have Monday through Friday and can lead to a perceptual shift surrounding networking. As Stacey explained, weekend networking “… feels like connecting vs. networking”. The next time you try to network remember the tips & tricks shared within this article by our network professionals.

For more information on the event and AWM’s NYC group, please reach out via the “Get in Contact” tab at the top of the website.

A huge thank you to our speakers & coordinators for this event! 

Moderator - Jennifer Willey CEO Wet Cement & Sr. Director Business Development, The Trade Desk

And Panelists...

Anne O'Brien, VP Business Development, Health Union, LLC & Alliance for Women in Media Board Member and Past President
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