The Alliance for Women in Media NYC Affiliate kicked off the fall 2020 season with a dynamic panel led by board member Jan Weinstein, Executive Vice President, Publicis Health Media. A team of seasoned media professionals shared fun stories from their career path and the advice they would have given their younger selves.  Panelists included Jill Albert, CEO & Founder, Direct Results, Linda Ong, Chief Culture Officer, Civic Entertainment Group and Pfizer's Risa Wexler, VP Marketing Lab.

One of the most interesting tips was "work for someone you respect."  The conversation that followed was about roles and peoples that bring out the best in you. The panel encouraged the audience to pursue what makes them happy and to not be too nervous about moving to positions that challenge them and take them outside their comfort zone.  There was plenty of talk around "trust your instincts" and that seems to be one of few regrets our media leaders shared. Looking back, they realized following instincts would have caused a little less pain. While not directly related to instincts, the panel encourages AWM members and guests to pursue roles and assignments that "scare you" as you can't grow by staying in your comfort zone.

And a popular comment "don't apologize" got a lot of discussion (and apologizes for apologizing.) Make your decisions and own them. "If you don't establish your own boundaries, others will establish them for you." Respect your boundaries and others will as well.  There was a great conversation around establishing a "board of directors" for your career. These informal mentors should be within the industry and beyond. They should have your interests as their priority (when giving feedback and advice.) 

Last, but not least be confident! Ask for what you want. Ask for the meeting, ask for the informational interview, ask for the job!  

Our top ten list:


  1. Work for someone you respect
  2. Trust your instincts
  3. Stand on your own two feet
  4. Be confident
  5. Establish your own criteria for success, know what you want to accomplish (both personally and for your business goals)
  6. Stay in control (audit yourself)
  7. Set your own boundries (or others will set them for you)
  8. Don't apologize
  9. Continue to learn
  10. Get out of your comfort zone

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