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February Edition of the AWM:NYC Newsletter

Good Morning,
We had our first event of 2021 on January 19th. The beloved Buzz Words and Bubbly brought Rachel Bien of Zenith Media, Yerddy M. Lanfranco of Kinesso, Amy Lanzi of Publicis Groupe, Marla Newman of Meredith Corporation and Jane Lacher of Sparxworx together to discuss trends and insights for the media landscape in 2021. See the preview below and read our more detailed recap here

1) Cookie-less
2) Real time optimization
3) Race to the ear
4) Content 
5) Influencers
6) E-Commerce
7) Budgets 
8) Ideas 
9) Brand investments
10) Customer experience

We are incredibly thankful for Jane, Rachel, Yerddy, Amy and Marla lending us their time and perspectives. 

Our next event will be March 16th, discussing one year of remote networking and how to optimize your network in this virtual world. Details to come via email and on our site.

Food for thought until next time:

Tech That Will Change Your Life In 2021 - WSJ
Laptops, Hollywood at Home, Assisted Reality, Virtual Visits, E-Commerce, Subscriptions, and Electric Vehicles.

Remote Leadership 6 Ways - The Glass Hammer
“The best way to ensure people are engaged is to over-communicate. You can do daily check-ins and virtual hangouts like morning coffee or lunch,” advises Friedman. “If the method you’re trying isn’t working, change and adapt quickly.”

Forget Positive Thinking, How Sweatpants Managers Can Stay Motivated - WSJ
One tactic Mr. Dust recommends is called “hunch hour.” This is a meeting where everyone simply takes turns sharing a prediction. These hunches can be about anything, not just business. But Mr. Dust suggests adding a new rule: it can’t be about the pandemic.

All the Best,

Emily Eldredge
President, AWM:NYC Affiliate

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