Buzz Words & Bubbly 2021

The Alliance for Women, NYC Affiliate had their first event of 2021 on January 19th. The beloved Buzz Words and Bubbly brought Rachel Bien of Zenith Media, Yerddy M. Lanfranco of Kinesso, Amy Lanzi of Publicis Groupe, Marla Newman of Meredith Corporation and Jane Lacher of Sparxworxtogether to discuss trends and insights for the media landscape in 2021. Below are the 10 "Buzz Words" we think you will be talking about all year.

1) A cookie-less world would mean more pay walls on content, fewer customized experiences, more reliance on targeting partnerships, more data buys, more acquisitions of platforms that hold 1st party data and longer contracts around all of the above.

2) Real time optimization has the challenge of keeping up with the consumer funnel, but reduces waste and optimizes efficiency to better understand performance and therefore make better business decisions. It should not be underestimated.

3) There is a race to the ear, as Amy Lanzi put it, across podcasts and smart listening devices. Voice commerce will reenforce the need for brands to have a sonic identity, something currently left off of briefs. Meanwhile there is a plethora of opportunities for brands to be the first answer to the questions consumers are asking Alexa/Google/Siri. 

4) Content is evolving to follow consumers where they are and provide what they are trying to get out of that experience. Marla Newman explained, “[Brands] have to connect the dots for consumers to enable them to take the actions they want, with the tools we provide.” Jane Lacher added that often “Content is a vehicle to create trust with consumers.” At the same time, there is a huge resurgence of quality and safety concerns. 

5) User generated content is now influencer marketing, pointed out Rachel Bien. Outside of some of the bigger publishing organizations, people are willing to trade off quality to get content and assets out there quickly and with minimal budget.

6) Ecommerce penetration advanced 10 years in 3 months. Amy Lanzi discussed the explosive moment social commerce is having and how it has been equally forgiving of missteps such as overwhelmed customer service. The reality is that all of the products of fast commerce are in the moment and allow you to do a few things. Look at the Netflix effect. When Queens Gambit came out, chess game sales went up. This is something to think about when you are planning brand campaigns. Looking at Super Bowl campaigns can predict consumer behaviors on their digital shelf. 

7) 2021 is a difficult year for budgets. Yerddy M. Lanfranco expanded that clients want more control over their budget and want to do with optimizations. It used to be just television but now it is where can I get the most from my money given what we see with the data and analytics; and make the most with the least. Investing in awareness instead of performance.

8) It is time for ideas. There is no such thing as a bad idea. Now is the time to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks since everything is moving at such a fast pace. Act like a consultant and get behind the why so that you can understand the business versus just responding to a tight ask since it will open you up to learning to much more.

9) We are coming back into a time when brands truly matter. Brand investments in social justice, unity and diversity are extremely important. It is a really good time for brands to show their authenticity and commitment, at a time when people are seeking out brands that represent themselves as a consumer. 

10) Rachel Bien discussed building the customer experience. Data and performance marketing is a short term goal but you need to make sure you are making the short term decisions that build the brand for the future and the only way to do that is to figure out the customer experience and building the brands in the customers mind.

We are incredibly thankful for Jane, Rachel, Yerddy, Amy and Marla lending us their time and perspectives. 

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